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Project Description

Hinowa 20m Lithium-ion system

HINOWA tracked aerial platforms equipped with Lithium-Ion technology are:

  • Smokeless
  • Noiseless
  • Fuel-free
  • Without the need for electric cables on the ground

Important Information to consider

  • They are the ideal machines for those needing an access, compact, fast and light machine with a considerable lateral outreach.
  • HINOWA has been producing this patented technology for over eight years.
  • Hundreds of machines are working around the world without problems.
  • Our technology has reached a superlative level of reliability.
  • The costs of management and use are limited. No costs of maintenance and wear as on normal engines.
  • Recharging costs are reduced to a third compared with traditional fuel.
  • Lithium-ion batteries do not have memory effect therefore can be recharged anytime, even when the machine is working.
  • Energy saving is guaranteed as the electric motor is operated only when there is a movement underway (start and stop technology).
  • The lithium-ion batteries have a longer lifetime than traditional lead batteries.
  • HINOWA machines equipped with lithium-ion batteries have been designed to work under different climatic conditions.
  • In the design of lithium-ion system HINOWA has applied all the precautions normally used on machines with electrics, in order to achieve a high degree of protection against moisture.
  • The power, operating speed and strength of the aerial part of the machine with lithium system remain the same over time and are comparable to those of a machine with combustion engine.
  • Thanks to their highly ecological and low environmental impact, HINOWA tracked aerial platforms with lithium system are allowed to work in environments where it is normally forbidden to use machines with heat engines.
  • The efficiency of an electric motor is much higher compared to a heat engine.
  • The battery pack DOES NOT need a fast replacement. The lithium system cells grant 2000 cycles of complete recharge or 4000 half recharges. The estimated life of the battery pack exceeds the recovery time of the investment.
Model Hinowa 20 Lithium ion
Standard Cage Dimensions 1335x690xh. 1100mm
Maximum Working Height 20.15m
Maximum Outreach 9.70m
Width (with cage attached) Min 795mm Max 1095mm
Basket Rotation 124 deg
Weight n/a
Bi-Power Lithium
Electric 36, 48, 72 or 83 Volt CC for the electric motor, 12 Volt CC for the machine

Machine Specification

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Hinowa 20m Lithium